Steps to Track Brands to Avoid Supply Chain Fraud

Stepsupply Chain Fraud

According to analysts, half of the companies fail to identify all their suppliers and associates, which represent high risks of corruption and fraud practices. Forty-seven percent of companies around the world lack a formal process to identify third-party intermediaries or high-risk associates or even do not know if they have them, according to KPMG.

Stepsupply Chain Fraud

Data from the consultancy refer that brands do not have to wait for incidents to occur in order to seek information. Make decisions that add value to the business and its ecosystems, so it is advisable to establish a comprehensive fraud prevention or corruption program. Continue reading “Steps to Track Brands to Avoid Supply Chain Fraud”

How to optimize mobile seo

How to optimize mobile seo

Studies reveal that mobile traffic exceeds desktop. It seems that in recent years we have not stopped seeing headlines like this. No wonder if we look around. You may even be reading this from your mobile. One of the aspects that makes it essential to optimize a mobile web is that by doing this we will also be optimizing your SEO. Google takes into account if a page is adapted to mobile at the time of showing it in its results. This does not mean that Google penalizes a web because it is not adapted. A factor that makes it position higher or lower.

How to optimize mobile seo

In a post we will give some tips to have, a website adapted to mobile and at the same time is optimized for the search engines. When the search is done from mobile, the user experience is a decisive factor. It’s no wonder that Google shows different results depending on which device a search is performed from. Google recommends adapting a web to mobile using responsive design.  This way the content will be viewed correctly regardless of the size of the screen where it is displayed. Continue reading “How to optimize mobile seo”

Why Use A Social Media Firm?

The Internet has fast become the most efficient tool for building interactions and relationships between the world – your potential customers – and your business.

Whether you are a national brand or a fresh startup, using the web successfully is now vital to your marketing and PR success.

The internet is the ultimate marketing machine, and integrating custom online campaigns into your offline marketing plan is now vital for your business, in order to:

  • Enhance your brand attract your ideal target audience
  • Engage your target audience and build trust
  • Convert them into customers

The right team of web gurus and social media evangelists will position you on top. They work with you and your management team to:

1) Understand the web’s unique culture

Web culture isn’t something that can be taught. It must be experienced firsthand. The right social media firm understands it thoroughly, and will integrate your brand and marketing tactics right – the first time – into the popular culture online.

2) Understand your current online reputation – as a baseline

Millions of people – many of them YOUR customers – are talking about your industry – and you – online right now. Are they saying good things? Bad things? You need to know what is being said about you today, so that, at the very least, you can:

  • Counter the negatives
  • Leverage the positives
  • Stay ahead of your competitors online
  • Build your business

A social media snapshot is a baseline from which to begin to build your social media presence and reputation.

3) Get the most from web traffic

The right social media firm is critical to success for your business and brand, in getting the most from the web and its enormous opportunities. They work with your internal team and/or external agencies, and align everyone’s efforts to:

  • Give you the best results,
  • Cost-effectively, and
  • On time

They help your business deliver web-based solutions that make a significant impact on your customers and clients, even generating new customers, if that’s one of your goals.

4) Keep your business at the cutting edge – on top of trends

No longer fear that your business is missing out on new opportunities in the digital space. The right social media firm finds it infinitely interesting to stay on top, at the cutting edge, and keep pace with today’s developments, as well as future trends. And they work with your team to keep your online business message fresh.

5) Position you as a leader

Only a social media firm with an intimate understanding of BOTH business management and Web 2.0 will look beyond the obvious and see potential opportunities to push your business ahead of the curve. Strategizing and employing online tactics that lead your industry is currently a massive opportunity that will greatly enhance your competitive position.

6) Understand of how people interact and how ideas spread online

People who spend the most time on the web have an intimate, studied understanding of the space. They help you create online strategies that are aligned with your business goals, communicate to produce results, and integrate online tactics that break through the immense marketing noise.

7) Stay up-to-the-minute on Internet usability

Experienced web professionals know the ins and outs of the most successful online campaigns. They translate this to all of your web properties – to help attract your target audience, engage them in meaningful interaction, and convert online traffic into customers. Continue reading “Why Use A Social Media Firm?”