Ebook successfully register your brand in Europe

Following the wave of the numerous queries that come to us.  Even knowing the different marketing tactics the success of your brand depends not only on them but also of adequate legal protection there in the countries where you are marketing or where you intend to do so. The pillar of any marketing strategy and on which all-successive actions depend is the registration of your brand. Just like that without many twists of words.


The brand is your distinctive sign: its function is to identify and differentiate in the market your products. Services of other identical or similar as well as being a quality indicator and a means of promoting sales. Register your brand in the most effective way based on the European countries that interest you.

Trademarks are an exclusive right of use granted by each country independently and, for this reason must be registered, monitored and defended in each of the target territories separately. Do you have a commercial interest in the European continent and are you looking for the cheapest and fastest way to register your brand?

Well in the guide, you will find a practical tool to know which is the best way to register in your target countries. In addition, the format of this short document resembles a periodic table, so it will be very intuitive to use the guide!

You can download the document free of charge after completing a simple subscription. Very important to remember once you have chosen your brand which will eventually also include a logo and decided the geographic reach it is necessary to carry out a preliminary study of the feasibility of each registration in each country to avoid spending money on an application that cannot be registered for infringing prior rights.

Why you may be interested in the E-book to register a brand in Europe? Because you want to internationalize your business you are interested in several countries of the European continent and you want to optimize your resources. Because you are clear that you need information and professional advice to properly manage your brand protection strategy.