Running brand for sale

The very essence of any business of course is its distinctive sign. Through its registration apart from reflecting the spirit and values ​​to the basis of the business project. Generating confidence in consumers a valuable intangible asset is achieved that will be possible to monetize in several ways one of them to sale.

Running brand for sale

Brand for sale that you are going to present today Runner land born of a great hobby. The mix of three factors passion for sport, effort and desire to share tips and experiences about running strong booming sector. According to the Sports Superior Council, running is already the fifth most practiced sport in only surpassed by the classics gymnastics football, swimming and cycling.

So by taking advantage of the boom that this sport is having Runner land can be an interesting buying opportunity. The brand although relatively young is already reputed within the sector. A brief history of Runner land the business opened in 2014 in the central Chambers neighborhood but has years of passion for running. Its founder Oscar Rama being a musician by profession runner by vocation decided to materialize his hobby in a business project. With the objective of offering to the brokers the best brands of the market and advice.

Now the business owner has decided to put on sale not only the trademark right but also a pack he domain effective until June 2016. This can also be an excellent opportunity to develop a web space for example, an online store that already has a domain with a certain age in the sector and a brand highly Identification.

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Oscar Rama is looking for a company or individual to give continuity to the exploitation of the brand a distinctive sign with great potential in a very favorable business sector such as sports. If you are interested, just need to contact us for any further information you may need.