The importance of drip campaigns

The Lead Nurturing is Inbound Marketing technique based on creating valuable relationships with our users in order to accompany them during their buying process. Thanks to this practice, sales and marketing departments are more united than ever before, helping to achieve the company’s objectives.

Drip Marketing

They are processes that follow a logical and automated reasoning based on the actions done by the user. We could assimilate it to a road, with its main road and its deviations. By which the users go traveling and receiving different contents of the mark in function of the reactions to the emails. For example, if a user opens an email containing a blog post, a few days later he will receive another with a downloadable content. If you then click, you will receive more product-focused content such as a case study.

These actions aim to establish a communication with your prospects in the most personal way possible. How can you do it? First, you must be clear that you must segment and re-segment your database. Establish lead categories and create clusters. Here are some keys to help you understand the importance of segmenting your database:

First, be clear what you want to achieve with your drip campaigns. In any lead nurturing action, define your goal what you want to achieve. When you have the answers to the above questions, it is time to create different lists based on the content preferences of your prospects. If your target audience is communication public relations professionals do, you prefer content related to events. It is better with the management of communication campaigns. If your target is B2C and are interested in the world of fashion, do you prefer sportswear?

Finally, in the closing phase you must send the content that finishes convincing you. Knowing that you have a problem and that you are the solution, let others talk about how you help them in their daily tasks; Send them success stories because there are no better ambassadors than a satisfied customer.