Tips for Choosing Your Company Name

One of the biggest headaches of all entrepreneurs is choosing the right name for your business. It is a complex task difficult and requires a lot of creativity. In addition, if this were not enough, the success or failure of the business can depend largely on the choice. Therefore, after reading several of the main authors we have created a checklist with some of the best tips to keep in mind.

Choosing Your Company Name

Differentiation: does it sound different from other brands in the same category? Brief is it shorts enough to be easily remembered and pronounced? So that it is not converted into an acronym. Choose a name that does not exceed 3 syllables, 4 at most. Appropriate is the name suitable for the type of company and the market? Pronunciation and writing is it easy to pronounce and spell it.

Ask a native to read it and listen to how he would pronounce it. The name must begin with a letter that is at the beginning of the alphabet. Avoid names that start with Y, X or Z. Choose a name that has the potential to become a verb (Google). Do not get carried away by trends think long-term. Think twice before calling your business as the domain.

Other tips to keep in mind

Do not use generic names that describe your product or service you will never be able to build a brand or differentiate yourself. Do not limit yourself from the beginning with geographical or product references, what would happen if the company opens new offices in another country or region? Although we have put the latter, it is one of the most important. Tell your friends and acquaintances in a new name and ask them a week later if they remember.